Sell Your CDs on Good Old Country!

The folks at Good Old Country have been selling CDs online for over five years and have enjoyed reaching fans of Americana, Bluegrass and traditional Country music.

We have recently seen an increased interest in artists who perform on such national TV shows as the Midwest Country Theater on RFD-TV, and have decided to help those artists reach their fans by including them in our catalog and our online store.

The way it works is this: You send us 1 copy of each CD you want us to carry.  We keep this one so we can listen to it and scan the cover.  If we think it fits, we'll ask you to send four more.  We put them on our website and may include them in other promotional efforts.  When they sell, we keep $4 and send you the rest.  You can set your own price, but if $15 is ok for you, that’s what we recommend.

Note: We keep the first copy of each title you send and don't send these back.  We listen to everything we get so we know what we're selling! 




Q: Why don’t I just sell on CD Baby, Amazon or Some-Other-Site?
A: You should!  This is another way for you to get your music out there.  If you need help working those sites, contact us and we can help you.

Q: What’s the difference between you and other music sites?
A: We are only accepting a limited number of artists who we believe may appeal to a certain crowd.  We promote directly to those people, many of whom do not have Internet and never even dreamed of downloading.

Q: Will you offer my CDs for sale on your website and in your promotional material?
A: We will listen to what you send in, and if we think our customers might like it we will put it on the website.

Q: Will you take phone orders for my CDs?
A: Yes.  When we take a phone order, we keep an extra $1 to help pay for the phone person’s work.  Most callers spend 5-8 minutes talking about how good our artists are!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Just send in 1 CD for us to keep.  We will give it a listen, and if we think our customers might like it we'll ask you to send 4 more.  Send them to Good Old Country, PO Box 41004, Nashville TN 37204.

Q: How much does it cost to get started?  Another popular site charges $35.
A: It doesn’t cost anything for you to start with us.  Just send 1 each of the CDs you want us to consider.  Other sites have to charge a setup fee because they do a lot of work to put your artwork and samples of your songs on their website.  We don’t do all that.  We encourage you to set up accounts on other sites—if you want us to help, contact us for details.


Q: Do I have to send 4 of each CD?
A: Yes.  We need to be able to ship right away when a customer orders.

Q: Can I send more than four?
A: Yes, if you are already selling pretty well then why don’t you send 8 or 10.  

Q: Can you handle ALL of my CD orders—I mean, even off of my website?
A: YES!  As a matter of fact, we specialize in CD order fulfillment.  We can take all your incoming orders from our sources and any of yours and ship your products.  You can sell off of your own website or print/radio/TV advertisting and refer people to our toll-free number and PO Box.  However you want to generate sales is fine with us.  And best yet, we only charge $3 per CD when the order comes from your website!  Your orders will be processed while you are out on the road or sitting around the swimming pool.  We ship most orders the next business day, so you can rest assured that your products will go out.  If you want someone to take your cases of CDs, store them and ship them—you have come to the right place.  Contact us for more details.

Q: Do you handle digital downloads?
A: Not directly, but we will set you up on CD Baby and handle your digital sales through them.  We will account to you quarterly and pay you whatever you’ve earned there minus a small administrative fee.  Contact us for details if you’d like this service.

Q: How long will you carry my merchandise?
A: As long as we believe we can sell it, or until you want us to stop trying.  Whichever comes first.

Q: How can I get my CDs back?
A: Just ask.  If you ask for them, we will have you pay the postage.  If we decide to send them back but you haven’t asked, we will pay the postage.


Q: How do you pay?  
A: We send checks out every quarter, within 45 days after the quarter is over.  (So the first quarter check covering Jan-Mar is mailed to you by May 15th.)

Q: Can I get paid more often, or directly into my checking account?
A: We have plans for that, but at the moment it is just checks sent out quarterly.

Q: How do I know I’ll get paid?
A: We’ve built our business on a good work ethic.  If you’re worried, contact us and include your phone number.  We’ll call you back.


Q: What if there is a complaint from a customer?
A: Most of those complaints would come to us.  If you ever get a complaint let us know and we’ll take care of it.  In any case, we have shipped thousands and thousands of CDs and had maybe a dozen or so complaints in the last year.  And most of those were CDs lost by the post office for which we had a tracking number.  Still, we took care of the customer at our expense.

Q: What if my CD is broken during shipping?
A: If you mean it arrives to us broken, then we'll let you know and won't accept into our stock.  If you're talking about breakage on the disc or jewel box as it ships to the customer, then our policy is to send the customer a new unit.  We will pay you $3.00 for the broken one.  This way we keep the customers happy, Good Old Country loses $3 and you the artist lost a disc.  We think that's pretty fair.

Q: How come I don’t see many artists on your Store page?
A: The Good Old Country online store features a certain set of artists—we are not trying to stock everybody, just artists we think our customers will like.

Q: Are there any licensing requirements?
A: Yes.  Your music must be properly licensed.  It is important to us that the copyright owners are getting paid for their work.  Our feeling is that most independent artists want to license their music and “do things right.”  But sometimes they are not familiar with the process or have some trouble.  If that describes you or you would like help licensing your projects, contact us for details.


Q: Are you looking for artists for your record label?
A: We’re always looking.  We have a certain sound in mind for our label, and we’ll listen to anyone who wants to submit something.  Send us a CD and write “for label consideration” on the package.  Include your email address and other contact info.  We can’t return such submissions, so don’t send your only copy.

Q: Do you have songs available that I can record?
A: Sure.  What are you looking for?

Q: Can you publish my songs?
A: We can.  However, we don’t actively try to get your songs recorded, so we don’t charge very much.  What we do is help you get your songs registered and listed where they need to be so that you can be paid when someone records them.  Most publishers deserve and get about half your song’s earnings; we only charge $20 plus the cost of registering with the copyright office, and then 10% of any royalties we collect.  It’s up to you to get the song recorded.  If we do get someone to record your song, we refund your $20 and take a standard 50% of the royalties.

Q: Will you record a demo of one of my songs?
A: Sure.  If you have written a song and you would like a professional recording of it, we can do that for a reasonable rate.  Contact us for details.

Q: Do you think one of your artists might record one of my songs?
A: Most of the material we put out is original.  But you can always send it in and we’ll take a listen.  We will get back to you by email--please include an email address, we can't take phone calls about your songs.  


Q: Why are you doing this?
A: We think there are many artists who would like to sell more product, and many people who are looking for those very artists.  We think we can bring the two together and in doing so the artists get their music out and get paid for their efforts, we make a little money, and together we make the fans happy.  What more could you want?